Zefiro Underground

Zefiro is a social charity organization established in 2008 by young experienced professional group coming from variegated background: vocational education, social care, mainstream education. The notable experience and the close connection with the local territory resulted in a short term period in a stable and effective cooperative, successful in the delivery of social services, vocational training and project development on going basis.

The cooperative carries out his activity within the social sector, in compliance with principles and values of entrepreneurship and democracy, thereby to facilitate the integration and sustainability, devise and properly manage services addressed to youngsters, adults, women, vulnerable or disadvantaged people. Moreover it provides guidance and counselling services with the specific aim to foster people in raising awareness for their future choices, in a long-term view or in a long life perspective, as well.

The practical activities may vary in a wide spectrum comprising the project design and the management of the services, the supervising and coordination of helpdesk, the planning and implementation of vocational training or leisure time courses, support and campaigning within secondary school environment. The most relevant partner for Zefiro’s commitment are the local authority representatives, but a broad range of activities are undertaken with the partnership of social enterprises or companies.